Menu of Lunch Box (Bento)

Here is the menu of the lunch box (Bento).

– Today’s fish Bento
– Croquette Bento
– Karage Bento
– Chicken Cutlet Bento
– Chicken Nanban Bento (Chicken with Tartar sauce)
– Oyako Donburi Bento (Chicken with eggs)
– Cutlet Donburi Bento
each 5000CFA
(Donburi = on the rice)

– Sushi Bento

※ Available only on Monday
※ You should order no later than 8:00 am on Monday
※ The delivery charge would be 500~2000 CFA, it is up to the location
※ If you order over 3 Bentos, the delivery charge is free

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